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Vedic Maths is an ancient system of Indian mathematical calculation. This was rediscovered by Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji from the Vedas between 1911 and 1918. He was a great Indian Scholar well versed in many areas of science. According to his research all mathematics are based on sixteen Sutras. If these sutras are applied correctly, we can solve complex mathematical problems without any hassle.
Vedic Maths is such a beautiful gift that children once trained, enjoy maths. The sutras are very simple and easy to understand. Very often ´difficult´ problems or huge sums can be solved in one straight / single line by the Vedic method. Maths has become very adorable subject for children.
Lots of children are easily ​amused ​by the wondeful system and show incredible interest towards Maths. Even children are encouraged to invent new methods/ ways of solving the problems.
However to realize the beauty of Vedic Maths, children must practice the system thoroughly. Then children can see that it is perhaps the most aesthetic and valuable mathematical system in the world.

    Merits of Vedic Maths :
  • Can calculate 10 to 15 times faster than a normal method
  • Easy to learn and thus creates interest in maths
  • Difficult chapters like Squares, Square root, Cube, cube roots, ...are made easy through an organized system of techniques and methods
  • Reduces burden of learning tables
  • Creates strong base in maths
  • Becomes a mental calculator
Hard To Believe But True
Your child can calculate faster than a calculator
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