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Teacher Training

Easy Maths provides Teacher Training Program in Abacus and Vedic Maths. You will be trained by expert trainer . Easy MathsTraining program is well designed keeping in mind the need of the market. Training is provided online as well as offline with personal touch. Now a days, the demand for Abacus and Vedic Maths tutors are in large. So it’s a great opportunity to get trained from a best trainer from the industry. The course is easy to learn and teach the students. Course duration is 6 months. However you will be trained to take batch right from the second month of your training period. This will help you to learn immediately . There are total 8 levels . Easy Maths is only institute to train all 4 methods ( Abacus, Finger Theory , Vedic Maths and Mental Maths ) in one program. And biggest advantage of this program is that, you can take batches on week end without leaving your current profile.

So if you are passionate in teaching children, you must join Easy Maths instantly.

Hard To Believe But True
Your child can calculate faster than a calculator
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The only academy to teach 4 methods In one single program