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"MATHS MADE EASY BY MECHANICAL DEMO" Sounds unconventional? Then consider this : An Engineering student learning driving in a class room through
Charts/Diagrams/Theories and a Garage mechanic laying his hands on the Clutch/Gear/Brakes/Accelerator. Who learns faster?
The answer is obvious....
Likewise, children who are trained constantly on this specified device "Abacus", can do wonders in Maths. It has been proven by scientists that the children who have worked on this mechanical instrument are better than other children in mental calculation and accuracy. It is also found that these children find it easier to grasp and inculcate things as both the hemispheres of their brain are stimulated simultaneously.
Initially students are trained with bead instrument called Abacus. After a few levels students start calculating mentally by visualizing the Abacus. This leads to increase in problem-solving speed.
In today´s competitive and demanding world, child needs to ​compete​ with extraordinary levels. Continuous use of this abacus stimulates the child´s right and left side of the brain, making the whole ​thought process​ more effective and efficient.

    Permanent Assets to the child :
  • Child starts calculating more accurately and achieve​s
  • Eager to learn the subject
  • Better concentration and listening skills
  • Super memory power and creativity
  • Brain development
Hard To Believe But True
Your child can calculate faster than a calculator
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